Friday, February 10, 2012


Gogol Bordello

 Gogol Bordello is a Gypsy punk band from the Lower East Side of Manhattan, formed in 1999 and known for theatrical stage shows and persistent touring.
Much of the band's sound is inspired by Gypsy music. The band incorporates minor-key accordion and violin (and on some albums, saxophone) mixed with punk and dub.
The band has appeared in a number of independent films, most notably in 2005's Everything Is Illuminated in which the lead singer, Eugene Hütz, co-starred with Elijah Wood in a dramedy and adventure story about the Nazi purges in Ukraine. The entire group was present for one shot in which they played a brass band in a set that included the Star Spangled Banner. They also played the traditional Yiddish tune Bublitschki (little bagels). Gogol Bordello contributed the song "Start Wearing Purple" to the film's score.

Origin: New York, New York, United States
Genres: Gypsy punk
Years active: 1999–present
Labels: Rubrick, SideOneDummy, Columbia
Associated acts: Balkan Beat Box
Members:Eugene Hütz, Sergey Ryabtsev, Yuri Lemeshev, Thomas Gobena, Oren Kaplan, Oliver Charles, Elizabeth Sun, Pedro Erazo.
Past members:Pamela Racine, Eliot Ferguson, Karl Alvarez, Rea Mochiach, Sasha Kazatchkoff, Vlad Solovar,
Ori Kaplan, Susan Donaldson,Chris Tattersall



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