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Mount Sims
Mount Sims (also Mt. Sims) is the stage name of Matthew Sims, a Berlin-based American DJ, performance artist, producer and musician. Starting Mount Sims as a purely electronic music act, later releases have also shown influences from post punk, new wave and darkwave. Sims is almost exclusively responsible for every aspect of his music, providing vocals, instrumentation and production. The first act was supported by two dancers, whilst the last incarnation under the altered spelling Mt. Sims was a three piece band which includes Rand Twigg on bass and Andre Lange on drums.
His first album, "Ultra Sex" (2002 / International DeeJay Gigolo Records (Europe) and Emperor Norton Records (USA)) was released to good reviews. It was influenced by German and British New Wave bands, funk and electronica. It was a concept album that focused on the themes of technology and sexuality. The album contains the tracks "How We Do" and "Rational Behaviour."
Mount Sims' second album "Wild Light" (2005 / International Deejay Gigolo) is a much darker album than the previous release. Its themes are death and information. Major musical influences are darkwave and post punk. David J. Bauhaus played bass on some of Wild Light's songs. Roger Manning Jr.'s (Beck) was responsible for some of the synth production. It contains the songs "No Yellow lines", "Lights on", and "Restless", a single featured in Amped 3.
Mount Sims is responsible for Madonna's remixes of her song "Nobody Knows Me", from her 2003 album American Life. In which he was noted to time compress a speech by Charles Manson in order to construct different electronic drums which he then placed in the remix.
Mt. Sims's third album "Happily Ever After" (2008/ Hungry Eye Records) continues on the influences of the previous release with its themes focusing on: obsession, isolation, horror and madness. It was produced by Thomas Stern of Crime & the City Solution, and features guest appearances by Jessie Evans (formerly of Subtonix, Autonervous and The Vanishing), Toby Dammit (Swans, The Residents and Iggy Pop) and Bryan Black (Motor). The album artwork was created by Peter Wu with layout by Dez of Crossover.
In 2008, he joined the band The Silures, which was founded by Vitalic and Linda Lamb in 2002. In 2009 he quit this group.
In 2010, he collaborated with The Knife and Planningtorock on the electronic opera Tomorrow, In a Year. It is based on Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species and was released as a studio album. It was also in 2010 that the last and final recording of Mount Sims/ Mt. Sims was done in collaboration with warp records artist Leila for her album U&I, of which he contributed his voice to her electronic compositions. There is no information as to whether Matthew Sims will continue to release music but it is for certain that Mount Sims/ Mt.Sims is no longer.







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